2017 China International fresh air system, air purification and water purification equipment exhibition held today

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2017 China International fresh air system, air purification and water purification equipment exhibition held today

In recent years, haze rampant, seriously affecting people breathing health, air purification products as the last line of defense to protect the respiratory health in daily life is also increasingly important, is also the fastest growing sunrise industry; the face of increasingly severe domestic breathing Environment, speed up the new air system, air purifier and indoor environmental management products, research and development, upgrading, popularization is the development needs of enterprises, to promote the development of respiratory environment, an important part of the annual "China Net Fair" Domestic purification industry development, reform, transformation brought new opportunities.
On April 6, 2017, at 9:00 am, the 9th China International Indoor Ventilation, Air Purification and Water Purification Equipment Exhibition was held in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The exhibition was held by Beijing Municipal Ministry of Commerce, Carbon Industry Association, Beijing Wang Travel Exhibition Co., Ltd. contractors, is also held in the north of the high-standard air purification industry exhibition, after eight well-built, has become the domestic purification industry unique brand exhibition, much attention in the industry.
"China Net Fair" (environmental exhibition) as a new wind and purification of professional exhibitions, this exhibition brings huge domestic and foreign enterprises exhibitors, a period of three days for domestic and foreign enterprises to build display, exchange, negotiation, cooperation Best purchasing platform.
New wind business giants gathered, the interpretation of the exhibition brand strength
Through nearly two years of rapid development, fresh air system production and sales in the purification industry exclusive bulk, the future development potential is immeasurable. Evergreen, Yawei China, Bessen Jie, Qingrun, Ding Rui, Finland AAVI, a product space, TION, love good, century days color, Diwen, delivered security, in Jia, Gree, Norcorand, fruit Cannuo and days filter, Heng Jia ... ... these ringing new wind enterprises exhibitors, as an important highlight of the show.
Purification of enterprises to build, the scene full of people
Exhibition site purification, indoor environmental management products, water purification equipment and other purification materials, functional materials everything, covering the entire industry upstream and downstream purification industry chain, dazzling, dizzying; 3M, Bessen Jie, Australia, Up to the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Qing Yao, Hua net, Hao Pu Rong Bo ... ... and other well-known enterprises to bring cutting-edge products with new debut. Visitors only need to show the area to discuss the scene, you can choose their own product type, custom programs, supporting functional materials, etc., a circle of exhibitions down, you can purchase to their own needs the latest products to achieve manufacturers and customers Seamless.
Visiting groups around the full support, highlight the industry charm
The exhibition attracted Beijing, Wuhan, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Xi'an and other environmental protection groups to visit, especially worthy of attention is the Wuhan delegation, as a large environmental protection industry, the Wuhan Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Wuhan City, China Merchants organized more than 30 times the huge purchase group, bringing an attractive settled in Wuhan market industry support for the majority of exhibitors to expand the market in Hubei to provide industrial policy and settled in the platform.
Domestic quality, help brand name brand power
The exhibition is very clean air technology Co., Ltd. special display of their latest air purification and fresh air products, which is lofty group debut China's net show, with years of technology research and development capabilities and brand strength, out of the domestic brands to build Into the international recognition of the international high-end brand of the road, and in 2017 China Net Exhibition held air purification industry selection, won the 2016-2017 China Air Purification well-known brand award.


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