Water purifier joints burst into a room furniture

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Water purifier joints burst into a room furniture

■ Soundtrack
Mr. Chen: In mid-May I purchased and installed a Longsheng Tang water purification equipment Co., Ltd. production of water purifiers, July 21 midnight suddenly burst burst, the family is full of water everywhere. The next day, I hit Longsheng Tang company phone, a Chen Jingli came to see, that they have to cover compensation, insurance companies also looked two or three times. My loss is mainly fabric sofa, dinette, screen, solid wood cabinets, wood flooring up and even the door can not open. The whole cabinet is made of composite panels, and now the water is soaked to start the insects. I asked them to replace all the furniture, I personally pay 30%, insurance company Wujing Li said yes, but now two or three months, Longsheng Tang and insurance companies do not make a compensation opinion. I reported 12315,12315 told me to contact manufacturers directly, said that such a big thing they can not handle. The day before yesterday, I called Longsheng Tang Wangjing Li, they still push to push.
■ investigation
Furniture soaked in water has been deformed black
The day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to Mr. Chen's residence and found a burst of water purifier has been replaced by a new one. However, the cabinet door has been deformed can not be closed, the bottom of the cabinet and the corner there are different degrees of cracks, there are some mahogany furniture, the base of varying degrees of black, deformation and cracking.
Mr. Chen said that the water purifier soon changed, but one said that the delay on the drag, has been more than two months, and Longsheng Tang water purification equipment Co., Ltd. and insurance companies each other "kick the ball", the compensation responsibility Push to each other, "or even call them are very impatient."
Mr. Chen said that if you want to change the pool under the cabinet, the other parts of the kitchen should be adjusted accordingly, a single kitchen will spend more than ten thousand yuan, the partition of the house due to flooding deformation, but also spend money. He proposed two compensation programs: First, the replacement of all damaged furniture, wood floors and other damaged parts of the house, the other bear 70% of the cost; the second is the other party to compensate the damaged furniture, wood flooring and damaged parts of the original value of the 50% or 96 million.
He said that the second program is his biggest concession, "a water purifier made a good decoration and furniture damage so serious, before and again to accommodate, did not expect the more delay, if you really want to go to court, I will Require full compensation ".
■ doubt
Manufacturers, insurance who take the first step
Mr. Chen said that the day of the incident that Longsheng Tang water purification equipment Co., Ltd. compensation for the loss, the other will be negotiated compensation and other matters were all transferred to the insurance company.
Long Shengtang Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. Manager Chen told reporters: "We have been linked, but the amount of insurance is willing to claim the amount of Mr. Chen do not agree. We have to pay in accordance with the insurance company how much money, and then compensation for how much money." , Because the company worried that the company lost a lot of the amount of insurance companies and less claims, so directly to customers and insurance companies to negotiate.
Chen Jingli said that the purpose of the company to buy insurance is to deal with such an accident, "the customer is our company's representative, the right to claim the insurance company", previously also by the customer and insurance companies directly linked claims.
According to the insurance company Wujing Li said, Longsheng Tang water purification equipment Co., Ltd. is a product liability insurance, insurance companies and Longsheng Tang is a direct relationship between the insurance claims, first of all to Longsheng Tang Water Equipment Co., Ltd. and The customer reached an agreement between the two sides to provide relevant materials, including the payment of the region, the loss of the situation, but now they have not reached the first step, so there is no way to enter the claim stage, "we urge them, the results of no way deal with".
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