Home water purifier why the water will become smaller reasons

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Home water purifier why the water will become smaller reasons

To meet the needs of people's lives, water home appliances with the times, the types of endless, and now the most concerned about the home water purifier has gradually entered each household. Household water purifier can improve the quality of water quality, enhance our quality of life. But some people complain that the installation of water purifier at home after a period of time after the use of water becomes smaller, and sometimes even the case of water. In this regard, finishing the relevant information found, resulting in water purifier to reduce the water and no reason for the following:
1. The use of the process of small water. The first is to check whether the influx of water, water pressure is to meet the requirements of water purifiers. There is no problem with the water, and then check the filter water filter, it is likely that the filter was blocked, the filter for one by one test, which filter is blocked, we cleaned or replace which filter. As the filter has the use of restrictions, it is best every 1-2 months on the filter for a cleaning, the filter or the membrane of the internal pollutants and clogs removed to ensure that the product clean. When the filter end of life, not to show the way the water, so the timely replacement of the filter.
2. Water purifier accessories leak. The metal pipe fittings of the water purifier will rust and corrode after a period of use. And the water pipe may also crack, in the joints or water pipes will be leaking, resulting in water purifier water becomes smaller. In this case, simply re-connect the water pipe connector or replace the connector with the water pipe. Such problems in some no-name water purifier more prominent, and brand household water purifier accessories are generally qualified products, will not easily appear cracking and leakage of the situation.
3. The water purifier is faulty. Household water purifier if the internal parts of the blockage or operation is not working, or other internal parts damage, etc. will directly affect the machine's water. Solution: We use six months later, it is best to every 2-3 months on the machine inside the parts for a check and maintenance, which is responsible for our drinking water health. And inspection and maintenance can also extend the life of the machine and internal parts. This will ensure that the product of the water and water quality.
4. Water pipes also determine the water consumption of household water purifiers. When we use the water purifier, the first water pipe contact with water, the water is also transported by the water pipe. And if the water pipe damage occurs leak or clogging phenomenon, the water purifier will naturally not water. Solution: If the water pipe is damaged, replace a new water pipe. If the water pipe is blocked, use the tools and water to get through the inside, if the stack too much to get through, then also directly for a new water pipe.



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